Innovative detectors

High quality sensors and an own professional design

Best value for money

High quality for an affordable price, for both the partner and the consumer

Large offer

X-Sense’s R&D department develops multiple new products on a yearly basis.

To prevent fire, carbon-monoxide and burglary

Innovative detectors

X-Sense is an innovative brand for smoke detectors, CO detectors and security products. For many years it has been producing very qualitative and attractive detectors for the whole world

Innovative, reliable and beautiful designed

A complete family

In the past years X-Sense has created a large number of detectors and brought them on the market. By intensifying innovation X-Sense is now part of the top smoke detector manufacturers in the world

Home Automation - 047 - Smoke Alarm

Complete series

X-Sense has a very complete family consisting of smoke detectors and CO detectors in combination with burglary protection.

Perfect value for money

The high quality sensors, battery and PVC make the X-Sense series a quality product.

10-year battery

All the X-Sense smoke detectors are equipped with a high-quality battery with a 10 year durability (except the XS01-TW Tuya)

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NEN and TÜV certificates

All the detectors meet the requirements to get the NEN14901 and/or the NEN50291 certificate. The majority of the X-Sense detectors even have a TÜV certificate.


Wireless connectable

The XS01-W series is wireless connectable. This is based on simplicity and convenience


Smart Home with WiFi

The XS01-TW is connectable with a Smart Home platform. The free Smart Life app allows you to connect the detector with WiFi

Available in Europe


X-Sense has its own designers, R&D department with 20 production lines. Hence, X-Sense is able to quickly bring high-quality products on the market. On a yearly basis, X-Sense introduces a lot of new and certified products to the European market.

X-Sense = Innovation

Over the years X-Sense has developed a large number of smoke detectors and placed them on the market. All the X-Sense products have a 100% original and own designs which combine solid structures with safe fireproof materials and a minimalistic design. By focussing on innovation X-Sense is part of the world’s top manufacturers regarding smoke detectors.

Own design

Minimalistic Design

Professional Materials

High-quality Sensors

Sold in 48 countries

> 12 million sold